Edgar Bronfman est venu témoigner devant la 5ème chambre correctionnelle de la Cour d'appel de Paris dans le cadre du volet pénal de l'affaire Vivendi, en novembre 2013. (photo © GPouzin)

Edgar Bronfman after a hearing in Paris court on Vivendi case, November 2013. (photo © GPouzin)

English summary : The French article describes the environment in wich Edgar Bronfman Jr exercised some expiring stock options he had been granted as Seagram CEO, 9 and 10 years before his resignation of the newly merged Vivendi Universal group, back in late 2001 and early 2002.

Note to foreign editors : interested in this story, please contact the author if you want an original script of this hearing in Paris court, as Mr Bronfman spoke in English, and the French article is based on the author’s translation of his English written notes. Translating from French back to English entails a risk of confusion with the original words.

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