Edgar Bronfman était entendu dans le cadre du procès en appel de l'affaire Vivendi, en novembre 2013. (photo © GPouzin)

Edgar Bronfman after a hearing in Paris court on the Vivendi case, Novembre 2013. (photo © GPouzin)

English summary : The French article describes how Edgar Bronfman claims his innoncence against the insider trading presumption he is charged of. Edgar Bronfman gives factual evidence that he postponed his plan to exercise his stock options from mid-November 2001 to the first days of 2002, precisely in order to avoid any confusion over possible conflicts of interest, but without anticipating Vivendi would flood the markets with a surprise 55 million shares sale, three days later.

Note to foreign editors : interested in this story, please contact the author if you want an original script of this hearing in Paris court, as Mr Bronfman spoke in English, and the French article is based on the author’s translation of his English written notes. Translating from French back to English entails a risk of confusion with the original words.

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